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MB-010VE ASF 2.4GHz System Chassis Set M...



・MB-010VE ASF 2.4GHz System Chassis Set MB-010VE 2.0 Chassis Set
・Mini-Z Chassisset32291(4548565331765)
・Japanese Yen : 21999JPY
*We accept payment with USD, EUR and JPY.
*2nd generation MINI-Z Buggy evolves with brushless motor technology! New ESC delivers dramatically improved drive feeling!


●MINI-Z Buggy MB-010VE 2.0 Chassis Set, equipped with brushless motor. ●New ESC jointly developed with Scorpion Power System enables precision adjustment of each setting. ●Newly developed ESC circuit board dramatically improves throttle control. ●Additional settings include motor drive frequency and electronic timing (under development). ●New version with additional setting options. Settings can be changed with Setup Cable (No.82021, sold separately) and free software download. ●Full bearing specifications, just like the current Buggy Series. ●Includes previously optional Under Guard and Ball Stud Wrench (MBW033) for increased chassis rigidity. ●Huge range of optional parts is available for tuning upgrades. ●Comic Racer body can be installed by using No.MB022 Shock Stay / Body Mount Set.


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This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 27 January, 2018.

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