・KYOSHO 32761 MR-03VE Chassis Set + MZP136JKB JKB86 Body Set
・Japanese Yen : 20673JPY
*We accept payment with USD, EUR and JPY.
*KYOSHO MR-03VE Chassis Set(32761) + KYOSHO JKB86 Body Set(MZP136JKB)

[KYOSHO MR-03VE Chassis Set(32761)]
*Kyosho 50th Anniversary Limited Edition chassis appearance!(Limited Edition of Red anodized) full bearing, ball differential, gold-plated battery terminal equipment.
*Chassis pre-installed with high performance brushless motor!
*Next generation MINI-Z introduces even more durability and power!
*MR-03 Chassis Set installed with brushless motor.
*Body/Chassis Set AFS 2.4GHz without TX
*Can be operated with previous MINI-Z Racer ASF2.4 GHz 2-channel transmitter.


[KYOSHO JKB86 Body Set]
*for MR-03 RM Narrow/MR-015RM
*Wheel Base:L(94mm)
*Wheel Off Set:F1.5mm/R-0.7mm
*Wheel Width:F8.5mm(N)/R11mm(W)
*White Body No.MZN149